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Sr NoNameDate of JoiningDate of relieving
1Sh. Abdul Shamid P.C.S23/07/1946 FN03/08/1947
2Sh. R.N. Luthra P.C.S04/08/1947 FN23/09/1947
3Sh. N Sehgal P.C.S24/09/1947 FN18/07/1949
4Sh. Kanhaiya Lal P.C.S19/08/1949 FN31/03/1952
5Sh. Raghbir Singh P.C.S16/04/1952 FN15/09/1954
6Sh. J.S. Uppal P.C.S16/09/1954 FN07/03/1955
7Sh. B.B. Vohra I.A.S08/03/1955 FN14/05/1957
8Sh. A.N. Kashyap I.A.S15/05/1957 FN24/11/1957
9Sh. Daljit Singh I.A.S 25/11/1957 FN13/04/1961
10Sh. Sube Singh I.A.S14/04/1961 FN08/08/1964
11Sh. L.Isadass P.C.S20/08/1964 FN15/10/1966
12Sh. K.D. Vasudeva I.A.S19/10/1966 FN16/01/1967
13Sh. B.S. Randhawa P.C.S17/01/1967 FN14/04/1967
14Sh. Sunder Singh P.C.S15/04/1967 FN17/04/1968
15Sh. P.C. Behal I.A.S19/04/1968 FN04/09/1968
16Sh. Tejinder Khanna I.A.S05/09/1968 FN11/05/1969
17Sh. Ajit Singh Shahi I.A.S12/05/1969 FN11/05/1970
18Sh. A.S. Chatha I.A.S15/05/1970 FN16/05/1972
19Sh. I.S Bindra I.A.S06/06/1972 FN13/05/1974
20Sh. Sewa Singh I.A.S15/05/1974 FN24/04/1977
21Sh. Harvel Singh I.A.S25/04/1977 FN24/07/1977
22Sh. N.S Rattan I.A.S25/07/1977 FN03/10/1978
23Sh. G.S Cheema I.A.S03/10/1978 FN06/07/1979
24Sh. Sardara Singh I.A.S06/07/1979 FN12/03/1980
25Sh. Ravi Sahni I.A.S12/03/1980 FN30/06/1983
26Sh. K.R. Lakhanpal I.A.S01/07/1983 FN06/07/1987
27Sh. Shavinder Singh Brar I.A.S07/07/1987 FN24/08/1990
28Sh. S.S. Channi I.A.S11/09/1990 FN14/07/1995
29Sh. T.R. Sarangal I.A.S14/07/1995 FN25/10/1995
30Sh. Arun Goel I.A.S26/10/1995 FN29/11/1996
31Sh. T.R. Sarangal I.A.S29/11/1996 FN18/02/1997
32Sh. Arun Goel I.A.S18/02/1997 FN01/05/2000
33Sh. S.K. Sandhu I.A.S01/05/2000 FN05/04/2002
34Sh. Anurag Agarwal I.A.S25/04/2002 FN19/05/2003
35Sh. Anurag Verma I.A.S19/05/2003 FN06/04/2006
36Sh. Ashok Kumar Gupta I.A.S07/04/2006 FN11/03/2007
37Sh. Sumer Singh Gurjar I.A.S12/03/2007 FN28/01/2009
38Sh. Vikas Garg I.A.S28/01/2009 FN03/05/2009
39Sh. Gurkirat Kirpal Singh I.A.S03/05/2009 FN21/05/2009
40Sh. Vikas Garg I.A.S21/05/2009 FN26/02/2010
41Sh. Rahul Tiwari I.A.S01/03/2010 FN14/09/2013
42Sh. Rajat Agarwal I.A.S14/09/2013 FN01/02/2016
43Sh. Ravi Bhagat I.A.S01/02/2016 FN17/03/2017
44Sh. Pradeep Kumar Agrawal I.A.S17/03/2017 AN--