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Regional Transport Authority, Ludhiana

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  • Employee List RTA Office Ludhiana
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  • Address
    District Administrative Complex(Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiana)
    Office Phone No. 0161-2448000
    Fax No. 0161-2448000

    Staff Information

    2 Assistant Secretary Regional Transport Authority (Ludhiana), 1 Steno, 1 Section Officer, 6 Junior Assistant, 9 Clerks, 2 Peons, 1 Motor Vehicle Inspector.

    New Registration

    Form No: 20, 21, and 22.
    Fees :
    Scooter/Mcycle 6% and 8% if costs more than 1 Lac
    Motor Car 8% and 10% if costs more than 15 Lac
    HPA fee Rs.500 for two-wheeler and Rs.1500 for other vehicles.
    Registration fee:
    Scooter/ Mcycle : Rs.50 (fifty rupees)
    M/car Registration fee: Non-Transport - Rs.600 and Commercial Vehicle - Rs.1000

    1. R/o Ration Card / Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill / Water bill / Licence etc.
    2. Copy of Insurance ( Attested by gazetted officer )
    3. Temp. Registration
    4. Chassis Tracing

    Learners' Driving Licence

    Form No. 1, 2, and 8.3 (in shape of Learners Licence)
    Fees: Rs. 150 (Thirty Rupees)
    Formalities: R/o Proof (Ration Card / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Water bill etc.)

    New Driving Licence

    Form No. 4, 7, 3 (Learners Licence)
    Fees: Rs.200 (Two hundred rupees) for Scooter / Mcycle
    And Rs. 500 (Five hundred Rupees) added to per item.
    Formalities: Driving Test (from Testing Authority)

    Renewal of Driving Licence

    Form No. 7, 4, 1 (Medical Form)
    Fees: Rs. 200 (Two Hundred Fifty Rupees)

    Duplicate Driving Licence

    Form: L.L.D.
    Fees: Rs. 200
    Formalities: Affidavit &F.I.R. copy Attested

    Duplicate Licence Replaced

    Form: L.L.D. form + Old Licence Attach
    Fees: Rs.300 (Three Hundred Rupees)

    Local Transfer

    Form No.: 29, 30.
    Transfer Fees: Half of RC Fees
    Half of RC Fees

    1. Affidavit Saler &Purchaser
    2. Residence Proof for Purchaser
    3. Insurance Photocopy
    4. Ch. No. Tracing Fees: Half of RC Fees

    Other District Transfer

    Form No . 29, 30.

    1. Affidavit Saler &Purchaser
    2. Residence Proof (Photocopy)
    3. Insurance ( -do-)
    4. Ch. No. Tracing Fees: Half of RC Fees
    5. 30 Days Notice forms Attached Registry Receipt
    6. Two CRTI form

    Other State Transfer

    Form No. 29, 30

    1. Affidavit Saler &Purchaser
    2. Residence Proof (Photocopy)
    3. Insurance (-do-)
    4. Ch. No. Tracing Fees: Half of RC Fees
    5. Notice forms Registry Receipt Attached + Conformation by Post
    6. Two CRTI form
    7. No Objection Certificate from Registering Authority

    New Initiative

    New Initiative:
    • Learner Licence facility has been extended at Children Traffic Training Park since 18-12-2012. Daily 300 - 350 ( approx.) applicants visit for the Learner Licence and they are provided the licence from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
    • Place: Children Traffic Training ParK, Model Town Ludhiana
    • For more information, visit website www.punjabtransport.org

    *Rates as per on dated: 20th Sept 2017