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Office of Deputy Director,Urban Local Bodies,Ludhiana.

  • Designation of the officer : Deputy Director
  • Name of the office : Deputy Director,Urban Local Bodies,Ludhiana
  • Location of the office : 1st floor, District Administrative Complex, Ludhiana
  • Telephone no/Fax no. : 0161-5031741

Details of Employee's Designation wise according to office structure

Sr.No. Name Designation Telephone No.
1. Sh. J K Jain, PCS Deputy Director 0161-5031741
2. Sh. Gurdeep Singh Superintendent 0161-5031741
3. Sh. Som Nath Senior Assistant 0161-5031741
4. Sh. Ramit Mohan Joshi Senior Assistant 0161-5031741
5. Sh. Satbir Singh Clerk 0161-5031741
6. Smt. Preetkawal Kaur Clerk 0161-5031741
7. Sh. Husan Lal Pension Clerk 0161-5031741
8. Sh. Ravinder Kumar Election Clerk 0161-5031741
9. Sh. Surinder Kumar Process Server 0161-5031741
10. Sh. Ajay Jamwal Peon 0161-5031741
  • Branches of Office to whom different office works alloted

General Barnch  To deal the letters of Govt. as well as M.Cs ,N.Ps and improvement Trusts of Ludhiana regions and ropar Region .

Pension Branch  To deal the pension cases of the non provincilised staff,the M.cs/N.ps/Improvement Trusts of Ludhiana region and Ropar region.

  • Details of work alloted to the employees of different officec branches
General Branch
  • Superintendent  To deal all the letters before sending to DDLG.
  • Senior Asstt.  To deal the letters of Govt. and M.cs/N.Ps/Improvement Trust of Ludhiana region and Ropar region.
  • Junior Scale Stenographer  Dictation work and ACRs of the staff of M.cs/N.ps/Improvement Trust of Ludhiana Region and Ropar Region.
  • Reader cum Ahlmad  Typing work of office and to deal the cases of recovery of House Tax of the M.cs and N.ps.
  • Clerks  To put up the fresh dak and maintain theg record
  • Peons  To attend the DDLG as well as the other branches.
  • Sweeper cum chowkidar  To maintain the work regarding cleanliness of office as well as duty of watchman
Pension Branch
  • Pension Asstt.  To maintain the cash books of pension funds. To check the fresh pension cases. To disburse the monthly pension to retiries of Ludhiana and to deal the election petitions.To look after cash books of pension funds.
  • Junior Asstt.  To deal the pension cases.
  • Clerk  To put up the pension cases and other dak regarding pension ans maintain the pension files and other records.
  • Peon  To attend the staff of pension branch
  • Any other information regarding office.

Municipal councils,Nagar Panchayats and Improvement Trusts of Ludhiana and Ropar district under the control of this office.The powers of returning and presiding officer of the Assembly Constituency 58-Ldh west and presiding officer of Election Tribunal of Ludhiana East and West are also vested with this office