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Punjab Police, Ludhiana


To empower Ludhiana Police with information Technology and Criminal Intelligence in their mission to uphold law and protect people with courage, uprightness, dedication and a strong sense of service to the people with an eye on community policing, technological advancement and Human Rights.


Historical Background

Ludhiana Mounted Police 1867 Ludhiana
Mounted Police
The city of Ludhiana which has been forming its headquarters in the present Police Lines since 1867, was named after the Lodhi dynasty, that ruled at Delhi from 1451 to 1526 A.D. The two Lodhi Chiefs, Yusaf Khan and Nihang Khan, deputed by Sikandar Lodhi (A.D. 1489-1517) to restore order in the region, fixed their headquarters on the present location of Ludhiana city, which was at that time no more than a village called Mir Hota. Legend sounds that Yusaf Khan crossed the river Satluj to check the Khokhars, who were then plundering the Jalandhar Doab, and settled at Sultanpur. Nihang Khan remained at Mir Hota as the Emperor's lieutenant and named the place LODHIAN WALA which is now Ludhiana.The Police Lines, Ludhiana was established in 1867 now has become very old.

Trifurcation of Ludhiana District into Police Districts

Due to increase in terrorist crime in district Ludhiana, control over the activities of terrorists became imperative. District Ludhiana was trifurcated into three districts i.e. Ludhiana, Police district Khanna and Police district Jagraon in the year 1992.


Police District, Ludhiana

After the trifurcation of revenue district Ludhiana, into the police districts, the police of Ludhiana district is under the overall control and supervision of commissioner of Police. The other two police districts i.e. Khanna and Jagraon are also under the overall supervision of their respective Senior Superintendent of Police.


About Us

We are, as many as, 4343 cops committed together, with the mission, for providing the services to a population of over 35 lakh in the city. We are under the oath of maintain law ' order, to keep the city a crime free zone and managing the traffic by inculcating the traffic awareness in the traffic schools. The city Ludhiana being the biggest, densely populated and widely scattered city of Punjab State presents many challenging tasks for the force to be undertaken with friendly police-public relationship. Having been influenced with the concept of community policing we are proud to be the pioneer to initiate the following help lines to the community with high sense of responsibility.

Administrative Set-Up Click here to see the Organisation Chart


Community Policing Resources Centre (C.P.R.C.)

"As Police is the visible part of Govt. the quality of justice , institution of Govt. and society are often crystallized by the Public attitude towards the Police. To improve the relations between police and Public and thus improve the image of Police , it was necessary that a well laid out plan is prepared for community Policing in Punjab."

The idea to establish Community Police Resource Centre has been derived from the above quoted very sumptuous quotation by Worthy DGP Punjab Sh. AA.Siddiqui, IPS(Retired).

Having been influenced with the concept of Community Policing and to provide a human face to the force, a CPRC system comprising all the services at a single platform was set up in the Month of February 2003. It is important to mention here that Ludhiana police has been the pioneer to establish such a service center in the District Police Office Campus in the State. Earlier the people had s shuttle about from pillar to post to get their jobs done. To save them from undue harassment this new concept of providing all the following services at a single window was taken into consideration. The satisfaction of the people is really our reward against the cost of Rs.14 Lacs for its construction. The services, which the people can have from the CPRC, are detailed below:-

1 General Enquiries Enquiries related to different work of Community Service-cum-Information Centre.
2 Foreigner Counter
  • Register of Foreigners Fee Rs.250/-
  • Visa Extension of Foreigners Fee Rs.250/-
  • National Status Verification (MRG)
  • Visa recommendation for Pakistani Nationals
  • Hotel arrival reports about foreigners
  • No Objection Certificate Fee Rs.100/-
3 Verification Counter
  • Police Clearance Certificates Fee Rs.100/-
  • Previous Verification of Foreigners Fee Rs.250/-
  • Civil Verification (Employments)
  • Military Verification (Recruits)
  • Advance Police Verification for Passport Fee 100/-
  • Character Verification of Persons to be attached with VVIP/VIP.
4 Passport Verification
  • Passport Verification received from RPO, Chandigarh
  • Passport Verification received from Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana.
  • Passport Verification received from Other States.
5 Arms Licences and Permission Counter
  • New Arms Licences Verifications.
  • Renewal Verification for Arms Licences.
  • Verification for Addition of other weapons on Arms Licences.
  • Verification for Prohibited Bore weapons.
  • Permissions for Jagran, Religious Processions and Loud Speaker etc.
6 Human Rights Complaint Counter
  • Complaint received from PSHRC
  • Complaints received from NHRC
7 N.C.R.B. Counter No Objection Certificate regarding the vehicles.
8 Information Cell under Right of Information Act Information about the enquries/documents/statements photocopies are provided. Fee Rs.50/-

Help Line for Children ::>5007043

Help Line of NRIs ::>5050418


Modern Police Control Room

For the last few decades city Ludhiana has come up as a most densely populated city in the State. No doubt, the development of this city has touched the new horizons, but it left behind many bigger problems like mushrooming slums of the migrant labouers from the other states, unplanned construction of new colonies and unidentified vendors by the roadsides. Such things not only made this city a Mahanagar but no the other side it created new problems for the police to maintain law and order, management of traffic in the city and make it crime free zone too. So, Ludhiana Police needed such a mobilized system in the city which could make an easy access to each and every part of the city with fast mobility and instant help as and when any SOS call is received. Telephone No.100 has seven lines.


Crime Against Women ' Children (Preventive) Cell (C.AW ' C (P) Cell)

The Crime against Women and Children, Preventive Cell was established in Ludhiana in the year 2001, because in its march towards full gender justice, the year 2001 was declared as the year of women empowerment. Ludhiana Police, joining the same march, took the initiative to pay its due regards to women and their rights in real sense and established the cell in the same year, with the joint collaboration of the social workers, where the rights of the women are fully secured and justice is provided to them by protecting their rights in their families and society as well. Matrimonial disputes away the spouses are dealt with utmost sensitivity with the help of volunteer respectable and police personnel forming panels to deal with individual cases.


Bureau Of Finger Prints and Forensic Services

Ludhiana Police once again has been the Pioneer to establish a Bureau of Finger Prints and Forensic Services with a scientific lab comprising many latest gadgets like Digital Camera ,Finger Print Developing Kits, Laser Light Source and computerized Software for comparison, processing and developing smudged and fragile chance prints. This Bureau has also been provided with the crime scene vehicle to reach at the crime scene without wasting any time. All the processing of photography is done on the spot to have the better results.

Services to the Public
  1. It helps the Employers, House owners and Industrialists in Preparing the identification record of their employees with their Finger Prints and latest Photographs to be kept both in Police Record and in their offices as well.
  2. It also helps to record the Finger Prints of those applicants who apply for the permanent emigration to USA, Canada and other countries.
Staffing Pattern

This Bureau is headed by a Finger Print Expert cum Crime Scene Analyst who has got his expertise to analyze Scene Of Crime with scientific techniques and latest gadgets like laser light source, UV light, IR Rays and other imported powders and chemicals. The other technicians who are associated in the lab are as under :-

  1. One Chance Print Photographer
  2. One Scene Of Crime Photographer
  3. One Lab Assistant
  4. One Computer Operator for Data Processing and Digital Photography

Traffic Management

Management of traffic in the densely populated and widely scattered cities like Ludhiana obviously becomes a challenging task for the Police and it becomes more cumbersome when lack of civic sense prevails amongst common people and specially youngsters. Keeping in view the need of the hour to manage the increased and un-disciplined traffic in the city, the Ludhiana Police took the initiative to study and under stand the problems for finding a concrete solution for the smooth flow of traffic in the city.


Verification of Migrants

The district police has initiated a drive for the registration of migrant labour so that their identity can be traced out when ever they are suspected to be involved in a crime. In the first phase four police stations were selected and in the second phase four more police stations have been added. For this purpose a center has been established at Community Policing Resource Centre, District Police Office Ludhiana and the public has been motivated to get the registration of the migrant labour working under them as household and working in industries. This will help the local police to control the crime.

Rs.80/- per verification from Nepali and Rs.50/- from other state are being charged by Plateau Technologies (India). This verification Identity Card is first issued on temporary basis for 6 months after that the same is converted to permanent if verified.



3 Ambulance available with this district are stationed at PS Division No.5, Sherpur Chowk and Salem Tabri to meet out an emergency arising out of road accidents and to take injured persons immediately to the hospital for treatment. In case any accident takes place in the area of Police district Ludhiana intimation can be given on Phone No.100 for immediate help.

Help Lines

Police Control Room


Traffic HelpLine


Sr. Citizen HelpLine


Women HelpLine

1091, 78370-18555

Bloodbank Redcross


CPRC-Passport verification, NOC,PCC, Arms License


Children HelpLine



108 from Landline & Mobiles


For more Information please visit the website http://www.ludhianapolice.in

Any information relating to Punjab Police can be sought on web site http://www.punjabpoliceindia.org