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Zila Parishad, Ludhiana


Zila Pariahad Ludhiana was constituted under the Punjab Panchayat Samities &Zila Parishad Act,1961. Now replaced by Punjab Panchayati Raj Act 1994.


Punjab Panchayati Raj Act 1994

An Act to replace the Punjab Gram Panchayat Act 1952, relating to Gram Panchayats,and the Punjab Panchayat Samitis and Zila parishad Act,1961, relating to the Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads by a comprehensive new enactment.

Whereas it is expedient to replace the present enactments by a comprehensive new enactments to establish a three-tier Panchayati Raj system in the State of Punjab with elected bodies at the village, Block and District levels,in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution (Seventy-third Amendment) Act,1992 for greater participation of the people and more effective implementation of Rural development and Panchayati Raj system.

Though the Panchayati Raj institutions have been in existence in the country for a long period, it has been observed that these institutions have not been able to acquire the status and dignity of viable and responsive people's bodies due to a variety of reasons including absence of regular elections prolonged supersessions, inadequate representation of weaker sections like Schedule Castes and Women, inefficient devolution of powers and lack of financial resources. In view of these shortcomings a new part IX relating to panchayats has been added in the Constitution of India by the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992.

  • The Punjab Panchayati Raj Bill ,1994 seeks to replace the Punjab Gram Panchayat Act,1952 relating to the Gram Panchayats and the Punjab Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads Act, 1961 ,relating to the Panchayat Samitis and Zila pariahads; by a comprehensive and unified enactment consequent upon the constitutional changes made in the Constitution (Seventythird Amendment) Act.1992.
  • It is proposed to endow the Panchayats with such powers and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as institutions of self Government.
  • The Bill, inter alia provides for :-
    1. establishing a three tier system of Panchayats in the state i.e.Gram Panchayats at village level, Panchayat Samitis at block level and Zila Parishads at district level ;
    2. Election of Panchayats based on the population as ascertained at the proceding Census of which the figures have been published, after every five years;
    3. Direct election to the Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads from the territorial constituencies determined in the Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishad areas;
    4. Reservation of seats in favour of Scheduled Castes in proportion to their population and for reservation of one-third seats for women at all levels ;
    5. Reservation of one office of Panch for Backward Classes in a Gram Panchayat where their population in the Gram Sabha area is more than twenty per cent of the total population of that area;
    6. Devolution of powers and responsibilities upon Gram Panchayats and Panchayat Samitis,Zila Parishad with respect to the preparation of plans for economic development and social justice and the implementation of development scheme including the matters listed in 11th Schedule of the Constitution of India, and
    7. Constitution of District Planning Committees and Standing Committees.

Purpose and object

Consititution (Seventy-third Amendment ) Act,1992 came into force with effect from 24th April, 1993 and also to the relevant provisions of the Panchayati Raj Act. Though the Panchayati Raj Institutions have been in existence for a long time, it was felt by the Parliament that these institutions have not been able to acquire the status and dignity of viable and responsive people's bodies due to a number of reasons including absence of regular elections,prolonged supersessions ,insufficient representation of weaker sections like Scheduled Castes,Scheduled Tribes and women,inadequate devolution of powers and lack of financial resources. In view of all these shortcomings ,the Parliament thought it imperative to enshrine in the Constitution itself certain basic essential features of Panchayati Raj Institutions to impart certainty, continuity and strength to them. Accordingly, Chapter IX was introduced and we are here concerned with Article 243-N only which is reproduced hereunder :-

"Continuance of existing laws and Panchayats.-Notwithstanding anything contained in this part,any provision of any law relating to Panchayats in force in a State immediately before the commencement of the Constitution (Seventy-third Amendment) Act,1992,which is inconsistent with the provision of this Part, shall continue to be in force until amended or repealed by a competent Legislature or other competent authority or until the expiration of one year from such commencement,whichever is earlier. Provided that all the Panchayats existing immediately before such commencement shall continue till the expiration of their duration, unless sooner dissolved by a resolution passed to that effect by the Legislative Assembly of that State or ,in the case of a State having a Legislative Council,by each House of the Legislature of that State."

With a view to bring the panchayati Raj Institutions in the State of Punjab in conformity with Part IX of the Constitution, the Legislature of Punjab repealed the Punjab Gram Panchayat Act,1952 which was applicable hitherto before and replaced it by the Panchayati Raj Act.

The Punjab Panchayati Raj Act,1994 was enacted with the avowed object to establish a three tier Panchayati Raj System in the state of Punjab with elected bodies at the Village,Block and District level, in keeping with the provisions of the constitution(Seventy-third Amendment) Act,1992 for greater participation of the people and more effective implementation of Rural Development and panchayati Raj System. Panchayat is an elected body and the elected members of this body should be given free hand to conduct their own business as per the objects of the act. This would be in consonance with the directive principles enshrined in the Constitution of India under Article 40. The power of the elected bodies under the Statute cannot be encroached upon by any authority except in accordance with the procedure established in the Act. These elected bodies should not be restrained or stopped from discharging their duties by passing order which are without jurisdiction, illegal and unsustainable in law.


Punjab Act 15 of 1998

The Punjab Panchayati Raj Act,1994 , presently provides for 40% of the Samiti members to be elected directly while the remaining 60% are indirectly chosen from amongst Sarpanches in the samiti area. Article 243(2) of the Constitution enjoins that all seats in Panchayats shall be filled by person chosen by direct election from territorial constituencies. Although the State Legislature may under Article 243(2) provide for indirect representation, it is evident that the spirit of the Constitution requires that member of the Panchayat Samiti should, by and large, be directly elected. Accordingly the act was amended to provide for direct election for members of the Panchayat Samities."

Taking Democracy to the grassroots

Panchayati Raj Act was enacted and came into force in 1994,in order to protect the freedom of the panchayats functioning under the 1952 Gram Panchayat Act, provides by section 211 of the 1994 Panchayati Raj Act, the continuation of the existing panchayats.

In order to take democracy to the grassroots in conformity with the Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 243(E) provides that every panchayat unless sooner dissolved under any law for the time being in force, shall continue for five years. Section 211 of the panchayati Raj Act is parimaterial with Article 243(E) of the Constitution of India vide which provision has been made prohibiting the amendment of any law in force, effecting or causing dissolution of panchayats functioning before such an amendment till the expiration of its duration. Article 243(N) protected the laws relating to the panchayats as they existed subject to enactment of the acts relating to panchayats.It further protected the panchayats from dissolution except by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly.


Composition of Zila Parishad

Every Zila Parishad shall consist of:

  • the members directly elected from territorial constituencies in the district, each constituency electing one member ;
  • all Chairman of Panchayat Samitis ;
  • the members of the House of People and members of the State Legislative Assembly representing a part or whole of the district, where major part of their Lok Sabha Constituency or, as case may be, Assembly constituency falls ;
  • the members of the Council of States and the members of the State Legislative Council , if any, who are registered as electors within the district.

All members of a Zila Parishad whether elected or not from territorial constituencies in the Zila Parishad area shall have the right to vote in the meetings of the Zila parishad except in the election of its Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

No.of territorial constitutency : 23
Total Rural Population of District ; Total Rural SC/ST Population : (As per 2001 Census) No.of Panchayat Samitis in district: 12
No.of Panchayats in the district : 908
No.of Unanimously Elected Panchayats :
No.of Panchayats where only Panches Elected unanimously :
No.of Panchayats where only Sarpanches Elected unanimously :

  • Name of Chairman Zila Parishad,Ludhiana.
    Sh. Bhag Singh Mangarh
    Mobile No.98152-45071
  • Name of Vice-Chairperson Zila Parishad,ludhiana.
    Smt. Mandeep Kaur Majri
    Mobile. No.98720-33167
  • Name of Dy.Chief Executive Officer,Zila Parishad Ldh.
    Sh. Amardeep Singh Gujral
  • Name of Chief Executive Officer, Zila Pariahad, Ludhiana
    Surbhi Malik, I.A.S.
  • Name of XEN Panchayati Raj,Ludhiana
    S.Bany Singh
  • Name of District Dev. & Panchayat Officer, Ludhiana.
    Harkanwaljit Singh
  • Zila Parishad Members List
  • Block Panchayat Samiti Chairman List
  • Properties of Zila Pariahad,Ludhiana
    Sr.No. Name of Properties Area Remarks
    1. Zila Parishad Complex 1.42 Acrs Zila Parishad Office & Other Office
    Multi-story Commercial Complex, Panchayat Bhawan.
    2. G.T.B. Market Clock
    3334 Sq.yard 65 shops & 31 booths & 20 Halls
    3. Books Markets,Ldh 3382 Sq.yard 23 Shops & Car Parking
    4. Deep Nagar 4920 Sq.yard Vacant & Having encroachment,under
    5. Ramji Dass Gori Mal
    Dharmshala(Near Lakkar pul)
    105 Sq.yard Mandir & 5 Shops
    6. Near Lakkar Pul 60 Sq.yard 4 Shops, Under litigation
    7. Roads ( 27 ) 240 Km. For Arboriculture purpose, having
    plantation on both sides
    8. No.of Nursary 1
    No.of Employees 78
    1 Office Staff 18
    2 Arb.Staff 26
    3 Vaccinator & Swasthya
    4 Vety. Staff 33
    No.of JCB Machines in the District 8
    1. Zila Parishad, Ldh 1
    2. P.S.Ldh-2 1
    3. P.S.Sidhwanbet 1
    4. P.S.Doraha 1
    5. P.S.Machiwara 1
    6. P.S.Dehlon 1
    7. Upgradation 1
    8. P.S.Samrala 1

    Functions of Zila Parishad Ludhiana

    As per the Punjab Panchayati Raj Act, 1994 & including maintenance of Zila Parishad proporties, mentintence of roads (Arboriculture) & executing of state & Centrally Sponsansed development Schemes.

    Important schemes being run by Zila Parishad :


    Consolidated Rural Development Programme (CRDP)

    As recommended by the 2nd State Finance Commission. This scheme was started by Govt. in the year 2002-03 for the overall development of villages. Under this scheme the following works can be taken up in villages :

    1. Disposal of sullage water,rural sanitation / Community latrins
    2. Pavement of street & drains with perfavrikitive bricks.
    3. Bio gas plants
    4. Solar lights
    5. Street light
    6. Development of Parks
    7. Cleaning of village Pond water with Duckwed Technology
    8. Vermiculture compositing
    9. Desiliting of Ponds
    10. Construction of Gram Sabha Hall
    11. Any other development works which are not covered under any Centre or State schemes.

    Zila parishad Ludhiana received Rs.840.00 lacs under this scheme during the year 2002-03. The amount was utilized for the development of 70 villages in the district. Rs.30.00 lacs per village was released to 7 Gram Panchayats in the distt. & Rs.10.00 lacs per villages was released to the 63 Gram panchayats of the district.

    CD 2.36 (As recommended by the 10th Finance Commission.)

    The grant is sanctioned by the 10th Finance commission of Govt. of India to the State Govt. The Zila pariahad Ludhiana received Rs.180.32 lacs from the state govt. for various development works especially for the desilting of Pond & retaining Walls and for the disposal of sullage water.

    The total amount has been utilized by the Zila parishad, Ludhiana. The year-wise receipt of grant is given below :

    Year Grant amount
    2001-02 70.41 lacs
    2002-03 20.91 lacs
    2003-04 89.00 lacs
    Total 180.32 lacs

    CD 2.36 (As recommended by the 11th Finance Commission) The grant is sanctioned by the 11th Finance commission of Govt. of India to the state govt. The Zila Parishad Ludhiana received 45.00 lacs from the state govt.for various development works during the year 2002-03.The amount has fully been utilized .

    Rajiv Gandhi Pendu Jan Sehat Kalyan Yojana Under this scheme Rs 501 lakhs has been sanctioned to Ludhiana for the construction of Rural Sanitation Latrines during the year 2005-06 And for 2006-07 1002.00 Lakh.The amount is being utilized. The estimate for the const.of one latrine unit is Rs.6300.The scheme is basically for the poor families below of poverty line and above Poverty line.The prority is to be given to the SC families.The beneficiaries has to contribute Rs.1000 per latrine unit.The BPL families have been exempted from the contibution of Rs.1000-where the annual income of the gram panchayat is Rs.1 lakh the gram panchayat has to contribute Rs1000 per beneificiry where the annual income of the gram panchayat is Rs.5 lakhs the gram panchayat has to contribute whole of the amount for the consturction of latrines exept beneficiaries share.

    Punjab Nirman Programme under this scheme Rs. 262 lakhs has been sanctioned by the govt.to Zila Parishad Ludhiana.The amount has been released to those gram panchayats where unanimuse election has been declared during 2003 Panchayat elections.Each unanimously elected gram panchayat has been sanctioned Rs.2 lakhs for the development of village.The whole amount has been released and is being utilized.The grant has been released to 131 gram panchayats.

    CD 2.25 under this scheme Rs.500 lakhs has been sanctioned to ludhiana for the development of Qila Raipur assembly constituency.The amount has been released for the development of 64 villages in Dehlon,Pakhowal and Sudhar Blocks.The grant is being utilized.


    Information regarding Zila Parishad staff(Preparation of Citizen charter)

    1. Designation - Chief Executive officer, Zila Parishad Ludhiana.
    2. Name of the office - Zila Parishad Ludhiana.
      S.No. Designation Work Entrusted
      1. Supdt. Supervision
      2. Actt. A/c Works & Enquiries
      3. Cashier A/c Branch
      4. J.Asstt. Records/Panchayat Bhawan
      5. J.Assistant/Arb. Insp Reports of Development Works/Collection of Reports
      Plantation & Inspection of Trees on Zila Parishad Roads.
      6. J.Assistant Audit & Vety. Doctors Staff &Enquiry
      7. J.Assistant Rent Clerk & E.T.T Teachers Staff
      8. Vaccinator Civil Doctors Staff
      9. W.C Court Case
      10. Clerk Receipt & Dispatch
    3. Address - Civil Lines,Ludhiana.
    4. Telephone No. - 0161-2449278
    5. Branches - Nil
    6. No Performa for receipt of application from public.
    7. No fees received from public
    8. The detail of Development Schemes given above
    9. Govt. instruction will be followed for th eimplementation of new Scheme.
    10. Information regarding Office/Deptt. given above

    ( Information perpared by Sh.Amardeep Singh Gujral Deputy CEO.Zila parishad,Ludhiana.)

    Dated 21-06-2012