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Municipal Council,Doraha


Doraha is situated on G.T. Road, between Ludhiana and Khanna. It was known as “Kiasabad Chaurasi” Main Railway Line and Sirhind canal passes in the centre of the city. It is the main market of timber in Punjab. This is the last city of Patiala Riast.


Political & Historical Background

Statue of S. Beant Singh Ji

This city has great political background. This area has given 2 Chief Ministers. First was S. Gian Singh Rara and the other was S. Beant Singh Ji Kotli. His son S. Tej Parkash Singh Ji M.L.A., Ex-Tpt. Minister Punjab, is looking after the area. S. Mihan Singh Gill was minister in the Govt. of S. Gian Singh Rara, S. Harnek Singh Mangewal was minister in the Govt. of S. Harcharan Singh Brar. S. Bhag Singh M.L.A., Smt. Nirlep Kaur M.L.A., S. Sadhu Singh Ghudani M.L.A., S. Malkit Singh Dakha all belong to this city. Municipal Council Doraha has fixed the Statue of S. Beant Singh, C.M. Punjab recently.

Park in memory of S. Beant Singh Ji

This city has the foot touch of the 6th Guru of Sikhism Sh. Hargobind Ji. Relating to him here are four places :

Gurdwara Ber Sahib

Gurdwara Beri Sahib

Gurdwara Sarai Sahib

Sarai Sahib

Gurdwara Bauli Sahib

Bauli Sahib

Gurdwara Damdama Sahib
View of Part of Gurdwara under construction

Gurudwara Damdama Sahib-The building of Damdama Sahib has been modified recently and work of construction is going on. There are two Pata’s on the name of Gurudwara Sahib. One is of 568 Bigha and other is 70 Bighas. This Pata is written by Sh. Lakhi Chand is Samat 1695 on a piece of Iron. Second Pata is of 70 Bighas written in 1685 on the piece of Brass by Doraha Town.

There are Four Places of Miri Piri.The concerned Department has taken this place under its control.

At the time of AurangJeb, its military came here to spread the Muslim Religion. The Sikhs living here gave there sacrifice and the Hindus accepted Muslim Religion. The Pata’s of the above said land went in the hands of New Muslim families. Out of these new Muslim families there were two brothers known as Chuha &Muha. At the time of Partition of India in 1947 before going to Pakistan they came to Saint Kishan Singh along with above said two Pata’s and requested them to taken back in Sikhism. Saint Kishan Singh Ji took the Pata’s but refused to be back in Sikhism. Saint Kishan Singh to which community belongs, nothing is written. The representatives of Chuha-Muha, were Doha &Raha. Doha started living some other place and Raha started to live here. After him, the city began to called as Doraha.

Some people say that when 6th Guru Ji came here along with 52 Pahari Raja’s from Jail, and rested for a night here. On next morning Guru Ji went to Ghudani and Raja's went to their Rajdhani's (Capital's). In this way the city was called Doraha.

Some people says that when people went on foot to flow the Residual Bones. They rested at night in the Saran and on the next morning some went to Kirat Pur Sahib and some to Haridwar. So it was called Doraha.

Some say that all the Forts have only one Door. Only the Fort in Doraha has two doors. There for this reason it is called Doraha (meaning two-way).


Educational Status

The Doraha city has a college named Guru Nanak National College. It was founded by Dr. Ishwar Singh in 1974. Before this college the boys and girls went to Khanna & Ludhiana for higher education. There is another college also known as G.T.B. College. There is a Govt. Senior Secondary School, 2 Govt. Primary Schools and a Municipal Primary School. Except these Govt. schools other private educational institutions are also working which are known as Aryaputri Pathshalla, Khalsa Girls High School, Saraswati Model School, Shakti Model School, Dashmesh Model School, Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School etc.


Area & Population

At present the Municipal Council Doraha has the area of 18 Sq.K.M. The land of 8 villages has been merged in it.

As per census 2011, the population of Doraha is 25,385 and at present is near about 26,000.


Budget & Sources of Income

The Budget of 2012-2013 is 800.00 Lacs upto 31.10.2012. M.C. Doraha has achieved 50 % of the budgeted income. Employees of M.C. are trying their best to achieve the target.

The main source of income is VAT received from State Govt. in lieu of Octroi. Building Applications, House Tax, Licence Fee, Teh. Bazari, Water Supply & Sewer Bills, are the other sources of Income.

Families Below Poverty Line A Survery was conducted.At present there are 540 BPL families .


Special Project

The main problem of the city is Sewerage. In 40% area, Sewerage has been laid down but the disposal of the same is main problem. Along with the canal, a Rainy Drain was constructed. The flow of this drain is not satisfactory. Municipal Council is of the view that if the charge of the Drain be handed over to M.C. Doraha then M.C. will purchage land near Deep Nagar Bridge and maintain the drain in 2 Parts. One part will be reserve for rainy water and the other will be used for sewer water. In the above said land, water treatment plant will be set-up. After treating the sewer water it will be used to irrigate the farms and excess water if any will be thrown into the canal.

Sr. No. Designation Branch
1. EO
2. AME Works
3. S.O. Works
4. Clerk Works
5. Suptt. H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
6. Inspector H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
7. Jr.Asstt H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
8. Jr.Asstt H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
9. Clerk H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
10. Clerk H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
11. Clerk H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
12. Clerk H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
13. Clerk H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
14. Peon H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
15. Peon H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
16. Peon H/Tax/W.S./Others Taxes
17. Clerk Death/Birth
18. Acctt. Account Branch
19. Clerk Account Branch
20. Peon Account Branch
21. Peon Account Branch
22. S. Inspector Sanitation