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Municipal Council, Raikot


Total Area10.61 Sq. Km
Total Population (2011 census)28728
No. of families below Poverty Line203
Total Population below Poverty line628
Total Budget for the year 2011-2012547.56 lac
Total Budget for the year 2012-2013601.50 lac
Sources of Income House Tax, Rent,Vat,Building Applicatin Fee

Historical & Religious Background

Raikot Town has an extra-ordinary historical and Religious importance. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji came in this city and resided in the Bumper Forests on 19 poh of the calender year 1761 (Bikrami January 1705) under the Sheesham tree on the bank of Lehi Stream. A shephard Noora Mahi of Rai Kalha used to go for grazing buffaloes at the time of rising Sun. Then Guru ji asked Noora Mahi to give milk for drinking. Noora Mahi told respectfuly that he had already milked the buffaloes at home. Then Guru Ji handed over the Ganga Sagar (a vessle) having 288 holes to Noora Mahi and pointed towards non-milking buffaloes for milking. Noora startedmilking by following the order of Guru ji. Noora wondered, when the non-milking Buffaloes gave milk and even a drop of milk didn't spill out from Ganga Sagar.

Noora told the whole incident to Rai Kalha. He was moved at that moment and respectfully asked Guruji for any type of work. Then Guruji told that he wanted to know about Guruji's mother and children from Sirhind. Noora Mahi went on and told the whole incident about Guruji's mother and children after coming back. Then Guru ji pulled out the Kahi plant with the arrow and said that the root of Mughal Raj has been dug today. Gurudwara Tahliana Sahib is situated at that place. All the people kept silent at that time. When Guruji had become silent, then people requested him to take pity on them. The Guruji said that you have served well so the rule of Malerkotla will go on. Guruji handed over the Ganga Sagar to Rai Kalha and said that if you kept on serving the Ganga Sagar, the rule will go on and it happened the same as well. As they prayed the Ganga Sagar, the rule went on.

Sr. No.DesignationBranch
1.Executive OfficerIncharge
2.Asstt. Municipal Engg.Works Branch
5.J.E.Works Branch
6.InspectorHouse Tax,W/S & Sewerage, Rent
7.Sanitary InspectorSanitaion Branch
8.Junior AssistantBirth & Death , Street Light etc.
9.Junior AssistantHouse Tax
10.Junior AssistantReceipt/Dispatch
11.Junior AssistantW/S & Sewerage
12.Junior AssistantAdvt. General Branch
14.ClerkWorks Branch
15.ClerkCourt Case & Rent