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Nagar Panchayat,Sahnewal

Brief Introduction

1. Name of Nagar Panchayat Nagar Panchayat Sahnewal
2. Total Area 10.61 Sqr. Kilometer
3. Total Population(2011 census) 28728
4. No. of families below poverty line 203
5. Total population below poverty line 628
6. Income for the year 2011-2012 547.56 Lacs
7. Income for the year 2012-2013 601.50 Lacs
8. Sources of income House Tax, Rent, Vat, Building Application Fee .


Sahnewal town is situated on Ludhiana-Ambala,G.T.Road.The limit of Sanehwal Nagar Panchayat,starts at a distance of 100 yards from the limit of M.C. Ludhiana on Ludhiana-Khanna side.Its other limit (North to South) is upto Newyork Woolen Mill on Khanna-Ludhiana side. On the Western side i.e. Dehlon Road, it is up to Tributary and in the East (Kohara Road),it is upto Kanech. In the coming years, this limit is likely to be extended towards Dehlon Road and Kohara Road (East/West). The chances of extension of limit towards Ludhiana and Doraha sides are remote because on both sides the Octroi Posts of both the cities are quite close. Here mostly Sandhu families are residing. It is said that some Sandhus established this settlement.Mr. Sadhu Ram Kaila, who was born in 1890, is one of senior most inhabitants of this place. At present, he sells stamp duty papers and is quite alright and works in a normal manner. He is good . He has provided a good deal of information about the past of Sanehwal.

Sanehwal is also known for its association with Dharminder the film star, who was born and brought up here. An aerodrome and pilot training centre is also established near it. There is a cinema in the name of Raminder, a film actor. A Police Station is also working here, it is said that Sanehwal, used to be under Kapurthala state,before partition.


Commercial & Industrial Activity

This town has good commercial and industrial activity also. The main bazaar is situated on Kohara-Delhon Road. Ward No. 6 &8 comprise of old village Sanehwal and old Sanehwal bazaar which was a prospering business centre before partition. The town has a good number of educational and Medical facilities, Post Office, Telephone Exchange, FCI Godown and an office of the Market Committee.

In addition to it, there is a Railway Station also. Even narrow streets of old village have C.C. Flooring. Ward no. 1 Prem Colony and ward no. 9 New Settlement are the slum areas of the town. But these colonies have been provided with 100 percent C.C. Flooring and street lights.

Sanehwal has the following industrial units also:-

1. Vallabh Steels Ltd.:- It has an area of 2500 Sq. yard. Water Supply pipes are manufactured here and supplied to even other states. 2. Highway Cycle Industry:- It is an unit of hero-Cycles Pvt. Ltd. It has an area of about 40,000 sq. yd. Here cycle-spare parts are manufactured. The factory has very good building. 3. Birdi Steel Ltd.:- It is situated on the G.T. Road. It manufactures steel material and has its own water disposal project.


Religious Places

This place has a historical gurdwara Damdama Sahib , associated with Guru Gobind Singh Ji. While leaving Chamkaur Sahib, the great Guru passed through, Machhiwara, Ghulal, Katana Sahib, Reru Sahib, Kanech Village reaching Sanehwal on 27th Dec, 1704. Here he leaned against a Karir tree to take rest and called for the village panchayat. But none turned up saying that there was no panchayat over here. The great Master ordered that there would be none in future also. Saying this the Guru started on his onward march, when a few of the village folk approached him asking for forgiveness and served the Guru. The Guru said that elder and wise people would do justice in the absence of a Panchayat. Such is the situation and it goes on.

Gurudwara Reru Sahib

Another historical Gurudwara Reru Sahib (Nandpur) is situated here.Gurudwara Reru Sahib (Nandpur) is also associated with Guru Gobind Singh Ji. While on his way to Khidrana Dheh (Muktsar) from Chamkaur Sahib, Guru Ji stayed here on the night of 27/28 December, 1704, spent a night under the reru tree. That Reru tree is still here. That is why, this gurudwara is called Reru Sahib.

Sr. No.DesignationBranch
1.Executive Officer
2.Section Muncipal Engg.Works
4.SuppridentHouse Tax
5.Sanitary InspectorSanitation
6.J.ABirth & Death,Diary Dispatch
7.ClerkBuilding Applications
8.ClerkHouse Tax
9.ClerkLicence, Store & Procceding
10.ClerkHouse Tax
11.ClerkCourt Clerk & Pension Case
13.ClerkHouse Tax
14.ClerkAccounts Branch
15.ClerkDeputy Director, urban local bodies, Ludhiana
16.ClerkS.D.M. Office Ludhiana
17.ClerkDeputy Director, urban local bodies, Ludhiana
18.Bill DistibuterDeputy Director, urban local bodies, Ludhiana